This site is due to be given an extensive reworking over the next few months. There may be occassions where it will be unavailable; but please keep checking back as the outages will be kept to a minimum. If there is anything you would like to see on the revamped site please email us to let us know.



The Earth Mother Fucker cassette is now out. A digital download version is also available Please visit us at our bandcamp site .  irrationalarts.bandcamp.com



Irrational Arts are thrilled to annouce we will be releasing Earth Mother Fucker "It's Shit". A cassette of two live performances. This is a limited run of 50 copies and has a catalogue number of IA006.
For more information about price and postage please contact us via email: info@irrational-arts.co.uk



The Gerogerigegege cassettte Moenaihai is now available for purchase. There's only 120 of these so get one while you can.  Email for further details. info@irrational-arts.co.uk



Next up from Irrational Arts is IA005 and official cassette version of the recent Gerogerigegege CD Moenaihai. Pre-order details to be released soon.



Compendium is now up on Bandcamp irrationalarts.bandcamp.com



Celer and Machinefabriek album Compendium is now out. Copies can brought directly from us by emailing us at info@irrational-arts.co.uk



Next up is IA004 which will be a CD by Celer and Machinefabriek. The CD will compile the tracks from their 3 7" inches plus three remixes. Release is planned for July 2015.

Please contact info@irrational-arts.co.uk for details of how to purchase or for wholesale enquiries.



Astro - Colorization of Sound IA003 has now been released. This is a cassette release. Professionally duplicated and limited to 115 copies. Please email info@irrational-arts.co..uk for further details



The review section at the Progress Report site has now gone live. There are only a few reviews up so far but we have a large number waiting to be uploaded. The news section of the Progress Report site will be updated as and when new reviews appear with a list of what those reviews are.

A complete scan of Progress Report issue 1 is also now online.



Progress Report issue three is now fully scanned and uploaded at Progress Report site. The only currently available part of issue one has also been uploaded. Issue 4 will appear during the next week.

A new review section will also be visible at the Progress Report site soon. Reviews of Cds/Dvds and vinyl records will be posted in this new area whilst work on Progress Report 7 is finished. The review section will be a permanent feature and act as a stop gap between online issues of the magazine. If you have any thing you wish reviewed please send it to the address in the Contact section of the PR site. 



Progress Report magazine scans are now starting to appear at the Progress Report site. Issue two is fully scanned and up loaded and further back issues will be appearing in the next few days/weeks. to access them go to the Progress Report site and click on the Back Issues link.

Issue one can't be fully scanned at the moment as I have  been unable to locate a copy of it to scan. If you have a copy and are willing to either copy it or loan it please contact me at pr1@progress-report.co.uk.

Next up will be a site for Another Headache. www.another-headache.com and www.another-headache.co.uk have been registered and content will start appearing soon. The Another Headache section of this web site will be taken down once the new sites are up and running.



There's now a blog that features extended versions of reviews that will  make their way in a shortened form to the next issue of Progress Report. The blog is called My Ears My Ears! and can be found here My Ears My Ears! 

If you wish anything reviewed in either the blog and/or Progress Report please mail them to the address on the Contact page.

The move of the Progress Report material over to Progress Report site is taking slightly longer than I anticipated but complete scans of the first couple of issues should be there shortly.  Please keep checking back for updates.



The Progress Report magazine part of this web site will be moving to it's new home at www.progress-report.co.uk over the Xmas week. There will be scans of the whole of issues 1 -3 uploaded to start with and issues 4 -6 will follow shortly after.



The Progress Report section of this web site will be moving to www.progress-report.co.uk  This will provide more space to put up articles and interviews from back issues and will mark the start of moving towards making Progress Report an on-line publication.



Our Post Office box address has changed. The new one is on the Contact page.



Due to the extraordinary length of time it's taken to get finished/printed Progress Report 6 will now be given away free to anyone who wants one. All you'll need to do is supply either the cost of postage or a stamped addressed envelope. We are hoping to get it ready to post out within the next 2 - 3 weeks. If you want a copy please send an email to progressreport@irrational-arts.co.uk and once we have calculated postage costs we'll let you know what they are.



Progress Report 6 is still lost in limbo ..... one day perhaps it'll finally see the light of day.  In the meantime I've started work on issue 7. 

My Space.... Well everyone else has got one so I've finally got around to actually doing something with my little bit of it.... still under construction but there's a few tracks up there now.  http://www.myspace.com/anotherheadache



Progress Report 6 is now finally at the printers. We expect to have copies ready to send out in about 4 -6 weeks. If you wish to reserve a copy please let us know.



The Progress Report page has now been completed and the scans are in place for your enjoyment.

All of issue 6 has been written and so we anticipate the release date being within the next month or two.



Update due this week to Progress Report page with the contents of (and a scan of an article or interview from) each issue



Links page given a good overhaul and Another Headache audio files replaced with digitally re-mastered versions.



We've moved further South! Please check the Contact page for our new mailing address



The Another Headache CD EP "Pushing The Envelope" has now been released by the Thisco label in Portugal. Copies are available from Thisco or you can buy them from us. Please email for prices and postage costs etc.



The Stylus album Eisteddfod (Catalogue number IA 002) has now been pressed and the official release date is December 6th 2004. Copies are available directly from us for £11.00 including postage and packaging within the UK.  £12.00 including postage and packaging to Europe and £13.00 inclusive to the Rest Of The World. We except cheques drawn on a UK bank (payable to Irrational Arts) or well concealed cash ( sterling, Euros or Dollars) sent at the senders risk. We also will accept Paypal payments (please email for details).



The Stylus album Eisteddfod is now scheduled for release on November 1st 2004. Please contact us for further details, pre-ordering instructions etc.

Another Headache will be releasing a new track on a vinyl compilation from the Japanese Appliance label at the end of this year. Hopefully an Another Headache CD EP will be released shortly after by the Portuguese label Thisco.



The Sound Experiment radio show in the States have expressed an interest in the work of Another Headache. They will be playing the track Russolo on the show in the 23rd November 2003. Show starts at 12.00 EST. Further details of the shows times  can be found here Sound Experiment

In a future show they will be interviewing David Bourgoin of Another Headache and playing some other material including some unreleased pieces. Further details will appear nearer the time.



We will be releasing IA 002 very early in 2004. It will a CD by Stylus called Eisteddfod. For further details about Stylus go to this site here Stylus

Further details about Eisteddfod will be posted nearer the release date.



Our first release IA 001 a 7" by Simon H Fell is released today. It features two pieces: The first is Composition No 44.1 : Electronic Study No. 1 and the other Composition No. 56 : The Improving Inglenook.

The first piece is a tribute to the early pioneers of electronic music and has more than a nod towards Stockhausenís early electronic works. The second piece (The Improving Inglenook) evolved from a piece for quintet and pre-recorded processed and sampled bell sounds that Simon was commissioned to write by Haverhill Town Council in 2000. In the piece presented here Simon has taken the bell sounds from the original composition and developed them via pitch bending, distortion and gapping.

Copies are available from various distributors and mail order outlets or directly from us. The price for UK buyers is £4.00 (cheques payable to Irrational Arts. Address on the Contact page) including postage. If you wish to purchase a copy and have it sent outside the UK then please email us for prices.



Added another MP3 by Another Headache of an unreleased track (No Apology Necessary) from 1998.



Added an Mp3 by Another Headache from the Serendipity EP to the Another Headache page.



We recently received the test pressings for our first release IA 001 a 7" single by Simon Fell. Both Simon and ourselves were very happy with the results and the 7" is currently being pressed and should be released very shortly. For further information about Simon and his work you should visit Bruces Fingers



Our friends at Ir-Ar records have now released their Dame Darcy 7". If you wish to contact them for price information then you can reach them at: Ir-Ar, 110 Ruden Way, Epsom Downs, Surrey KT17 3LP, ENGLAND. Or you can contact them by email at hassnimalik@yahoo.com



The Dame Darcy 7" will now be released by the Ir-Ar label. Due to be released in October. You can contact the Ir-Ar label c/o 110 Ruden Way, Epsom Downs, Surrey, KT17 3LP



We will be releasing a series of limited edition 7" singles. Confirmed artists so far are Acid Mothers Temple, Simon Fell, Dame Darcy and Stylus. Each single will be released in an edition of five hundred copies. We hope to release the first of the series in September 2002.



Progress Report issue 6 is well and truly underway. We originally hoped to be able to release it in August but it now looks more likely to be October before itís published.